Remotely, different

We connect live productions

with new levels of potential

We take common production logic to a new mode of operation.

Like: No more unusable space for front of house equipment.

Less travel lunacy and hotel rooms for tech crews and department heads.

We change that to perfect working environments for all experts, from anywhere.

We run your live show or broadcast production remotely – all the sound, all of the lighting, all the video, even IEM.

We connect the best talent from around the world. Reliably.

Our tech stack helps to evolve business cases and allows for new creative freedom. We also make pre production cycles leaner and smarter.

We even prepare a perfect live sound, but spare you the soundcheck.

We save resources in large, large amounts. Which helps the planet as much as your budget.

Better results.

Smarter production.

More fun to work.

Less expensive.

This is us.

Recent Productions

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Lollapalooza: When we re-invented the soundcheck

Around The World In 80 Milliseconds

Billie Eilish Special Acoustic Concert

Elbphilharmonie Hamburg: AI meets Remote Mixing

This is what we do

Designed by industry people

We do not want to brag. It’s just that we are not IT folks that try to change the industry. We are sound engineers and lighting directors and production veterans from stages all over the world. We developed a tech stack for remote event operation. It adds to our art instead of trivialising it. For example, every department works in their own perfect environment. And we save so. much. time. and. travel. Remote operation also opens new chances to integrate talent with severe schedules. All of this makes us the most pleasant project partners for artists, creatives and production specialists alike. Because we open the stage for new opportunities without failing in the cost calculation.

We connect your production, no matter where

Shaky or negligible internet; we will build it for you. Unsure how stable the recording or broadcast will be; we provide extreme redundancy – you won't lose a single beat. You need more technical information; be our guest. We will be happy to explain our tech stacks, routing and server infrastructure to you.
We are here to save budgets, evolve creative playgrounds and raise production quality. Parallely.