Elbphilharmonie Hamburg: AI meets Remote Mixing

Whilst AI was used to complete Beethoven’s unfinished 10th symphony, wetook on the responsibility to bring the live premiere to a worldwide audience.

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We produced Street Gig Classics for Telekom Magenta Musik 360 and mixed the whole show remotely. The scenario involved some of the best talent in the world playing Beethoven in the Elbphilharmonie Hamburg. It would be our job to deliver a live sound quality that represented the incredible ability of this orchestra. And we were controlling everything from 250 kilometres away.

For this project, we were located in the best possible environment; Teldex Studios in Berlin with our renowned colleague and multiple Grammy winner, Tonmeister Tobias Lehmann. We worked live and remote, but together we crafted a live sound that has an enhanced dynamic and detail.

The difference in quality was audible for everyone to hear. Once again, the Remote Recording workflow added to the production value whilst saving time, travel costs and reducing our carbon footprint.

Since we refined our remote tech stack, we were even able to produce the whole show using consumer level internet and a mix of 5G, DSL and fibre connection. We are stoked to see what we can achieve next with our remote system. We’re just at the beginning!

In Memory Of Tobias Lehmann.
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